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Mike Chavez-Dawson

Artist Curator, Lecturer Academic, Mischief Maker...

Mike Chavez-Dawson is an artist curator based at Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester, UK.

Chavez-Dawson’s interdisciplinary practice reworks the visual language of art history and cultural institutions as a tool to de-code the structures of cultural reverence and the role of the artist as mischief maker, rule breaker and activist.

His activities are based on an interest in belief and power systems that explore themes of value, meaning, and cultural creative conviction.

://: Below are a set of fragmented thoughts - in and around our work. ://:

“Yet it is the multitude of art ecologies (galleries, museums, institutes, project spaces, artist-led initiatives both commercial and non-commercial, etc.) and their agency as [being] custodians for modes of critical engagement and valuing cultural pursuits, and their ability to propose questions that is at the heart of both my solo and collaborative endeavours.

“However, it is the continual habit of cross-referencing a variety of disciplines, narrative structures and interpretative motifs that invigorates both my works and methods — that seek to question the interplay between where an artwork begins and where it ends or, more succinctly, where its legacy and parameters are located.

“These parameters are pushed, pulled and reassembled in each presentation of our work, seeking to harness the ‘process-led’ nature of art production - so terms such as ‘propositional’, ‘multi-part’ and ‘durational’ become ways to describe what is presented, but also as an attempt to consistently present revised works.

"The provenance of the materials used, the methods of production and the collaborators utilised in the works construction are implicit in both the myth and meaning of the work.

“The increasing trait in my work sees us continually plundering ‘art's’ constructed mythologies whilst being drawn to the esoteric, and the mania of the artistic process.

"Buliding upon my expanded practices, the correlation between digital & analogue sees us explore AI methods of production. These are currently as a series of works & collaborations that are curated & created simultaneously under the banner 'Studies' - the outputs & formats are under exploration."


Mike Chavez-Dawson, 3/24




Awaking The Gods (Aristotle/Freud) v1, 2023 to 2024

Studies - ‘New Gods Become Old Gods… (The Universe is a Computer)' 1 to 4, 2021 to 2024

'Studies 1 to 5b' - ‘It’s Nonstop Simulation…’

Studies, 'Privileges 1 to 4', 2022 to 2024



Sight Ingested

Efficacious Play Therapy (In the Awe, 2022 to 2023)

‘Phantom Works: History speaks to us if we are willing to listen…’

Transaction Blend Product Shot 1 & 2



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