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Koshi Nage

By  Iain Hales 2022

Jesmonite, MDF, ceramic tiles, grout and aluminium.

“Koshi Nage” is inspired by suffragist Edith Garrud’s use of jujitsu in teaching women self defence. Garrud (1872-1971) played a central role in training the WSPU’s Bodyguard Unit, known popularly in the press as the “Suffrajitsu” 

The work’s colour-pallet is derived from the colours used in UK Suffragette movement’s insignia - purple, white and green.  The blocky architectural fragments are redolent of the bricks suffragettes carried in their handbags and used to smash windows as part of their protests.

prettier-ignore-start 20200717 portrait axis 1718385177 prettier-ignore-end Iain Hales

Untitled (Nike Athena)

Euclidean Display Unit

Rude Girl (Suprematist Earring)

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