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Making stepping stone bridges, Tremeheere Sculpture garden 2023

By  barbara beyer 2023
Making stepping stone bridges is part of the exhibition Wander_land by a group of members of the Royal Society of Sculptors mainly based in the South West at Tremenheere Sculpture Garden, Penzance Wander_Land explores our relationship between landscape and wandering. The exhibition is a next step, something of a sequel to the 2022 Chichester Cathedral exhibition, Together We Rise, in which Royal Society of Sculptors members reflected on their experience of, and response to, COVID lockdowns. Wandering, in a conscious sense, suggests links with asceticism, joy, protest, well-being, environmental awareness and harmony. In addition, and probably most closely associated with the location of Wander_Land, is the act of pilgrimage; St Michael’s Way, one of the Camino routes which leads to Santiago de Compostella in Northwest Spain, passes through Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Photo Russel Sach
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