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Objects for Divining a Nuclear Timescape

Bridget Kennedy aims towards a shift in thinking about  human / nature dynamics through material engagement in her visual arts practice. In Objects for Divining a Nuclear Timescape  a series of discs, made by combining linseed based resin, with flax plant fibres and mineral based products, are required to act as scrying mirrors. A form of divination, scrying requires the seeker to gaze into a reflective surface in order to summon answers from the beyond-human world. Referencing the visual characteristics of an object created by British Nuclear Fuels Limited as a simulation of the amount of vitrified high level radioactive waste one person would produce during a life time’s use of nuclear energy, Objects for Divining a Nuclear Timescape gives voice to plant and mineral voices in the discussion around future consumption cycles and the distribution of responsibility around waste disposal.

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The stone still feels your touch


Scientific Stranger exhibition

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