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'Portrait Of Your Space' Installation #1

By  Simon Woolham 2022 - 2023
‘Portrait of Your Space’, is a commissioning project whereby I build a site-specific artwork in a private home or workplace from graphite rubbings from the the exterior and interior architecture, environments, objects and furniture, developing an intimate portrait. It is a process that is about getting to know the person or people that live and experience that home through the multitude of conversations, architectural layers, historical layers and shards of time. It is spatial and patterned, piecing together fragments not to create a whole, but an exaggerated version of those fragments, which have conversations with other fragments. ‘Portrait of Your Space’, as a title, throws out the notion of individual ownership. It is very much a collective drawing and drawing-out of conversations and histories. ‘Portrait of Your Space’, through an entanglement of connections, is also a portrait of myself as much as it is a portrait of the current holders of the home. I see the process of ‘Portrait of Your Space’ I see as divided into four main parts: the measurement, the excavation, the building, the installation. The measurement; as already mentioned, is the initial getting to know you/the home through identifying where a artwork would be sighted, the excavation, the next layer whereby we build on the conversations/relationship/process by excavating the home through the process of taking graphite rubbings/textures/layers of history, the building; me building the drawing for you, previously this has been either embedded in the site where the drawing is being built or in my studio, the installation; back to your home, placing your drawing, in your space, for your ‘Portrait of Your Space’.
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In Search Of The Shortcuts at Art On Paper, BOZAR, Brussels, 2016

'The Frog'

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