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“Quimper Massif”.

By  Tim Pugh 2023
This temporary beach arrangement was created at South Beach,near Whitehaven in West Cumbria in August 2023.This beach location always has interesting visits from far flung places and here I made use of a washed up fishing boat container that had drifted over from Quimper in North France. I sat the container on the remains of a shopping trolley which was dumped on the beach from a nearby supermarket. I then stacked up the container with a carefully constructed pyramid of pebbles which tested the structure to its limits.Although Quimper is a low lying area I literally made the pebble moiund to represent a mountain hence the title Quimper Massif !The structure was massively overweight and succumbed to the waves when the next high tide came in.
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"(Swept) Under The Carpet "

"Ty Pawb Designsheet "(detail)

"Starling Dodd "

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