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Red Amber Green Lenses

By  Helen Snell 2022
Prototype designs for glass structures incorporating drawings generated from ethnographic fieldwork interviews 2020 as part of a two year residency with the University of Exeter Developing transparent overlays in collaboration with architectural glass artist Fabrizia Bazzo in 3D design and allowing stories to intersect through the layering of multiple lenses and selecting out images to become ghost like presences. Work produced by Helen Snell during her tenure as artist in residence at the University of Exeter from September 2020 2022, as part of the project ‘Inequality, Identity and the Media in Brexit-Covid 19 Britain’. This research was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of UK Research and Innovation’s rapid response initiative to COVID-19. Helen worked with an interdisciplinary team of ethnographers (Katharine Tyler, Principal Investigator, Joshua Blamire, Research Fellow) and political scientists with expertise in media analysis and surveys (Co-Investigators Susan Banducci, Daniel Stevens, and Research Fellows Laszlo Horvath and Andrew Jones) at the University of Exeter and an ethnographer (Co-Investigator Cathrine Degnen) at Newcastle University to look at the ways in which Brexit and covid-19 – and the intersecting inequalities that these processes produce – have been framed by the media and experienced within the everyday. Examining these inequalities, and their potential effects on social and political polarisation, is crucial to understanding how British society will emerge from these dual processes.

Helen Snell and Fabrizia Bazzo

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Lifebuoy with filaments

Sin Lounger

Red Amber Green Britain, University of Exeter.

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