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Red River Line

By  Patrick Lowry 2023

524 L x 239 W x 334 H

A full size replica of the entrance to a Metro station. Based on metro station entrances in Toulouse. A commissioned work for Flamm in conjunction with Art Night A site specific work within the context of the Cornish town of Redruth, a once very affluent town with an economy based on tin and copper mining but which came to an end early in the 1990s. A comment on the appropriates, or not, of re generation and how this is achieved The installation had a back story, one that justifies the Metro buy saying that it has been economically possible because mining tunnels were already following this route and could be re purposed for the metro line. presented on an information board accompanying the main piece
prettier-ignore-start Patrick lowry american dream 167401 prettier-ignore-end Patrick Lowry

Royal Festival Hall


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