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Ripples (Ringar på vatten)

By  L C Persson 2023
Ripples This piece takes its inspiration from Agnes Pelton (1881–1961) painting Fires in Space (1938). Like Agnes painting this ceramic piece is both cosmic magic and a connection to a broken world where humans create so much pain through wars, famine and climate disasters. Returning to very basic making methods that hasn’t changed technically, such as clayworks and glass one still relies on fire, earth or sand to create a small crystallised moment of this world, a visual memory of movement on water. Ripples also refer to the saying ‘to create ripples on water’ which reflects on our ability to make small moves but create large reverbs. Ripples was made as part of the exhibition Fingrarna mot Himlen and Munnen i Jorden at Virserum Konsthall in Småland as part of Smålandstriennalen Agnes was a symbolist and an essential part of the desert transcendentalist movement. Wall based ceramic stoneware tiles glazed and four handblown/ sculpted glass fires. Size 140 cm wide and about 140 cm high. Glass fires are approx 15 cm wide and 25 cm high and 4 cm deep. The piece is mounted on 4 separate plywoodplates that are dressed in mirror vinyl. Each tile is screwed on with 2 screws. The fires stand on small shelves separate from the wall piece mounted directly onto back wall.
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