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Sight Ingested

SI is a collaborative, performative, curatorial artwork and evolving project developed by Mike Chavez-Dawson & Co. It invites a participant from audience to take part in a meditative journey through art as a dining experience. Only being able to sit still, the participant is focused on the artwork presented in three bespoke 'menu-folios' (starter, mains and dessert), with atmospheric accompanying audio. The 'igested' [sic] menu folios feature thirty original A4 portrait orientated artworks from a breadth of Manchester-based / connected artists, next to each original artwork in a reflection card, this asks the viewer to imagine a set of evocative sensory experiences and sensations. A pilot version of the 'bookable' performance was presented at Bury Art Museum, before touring to Japan / Toyko / Osaka throughout September 2023.. The '& Co' for the first iterations was with artist Evita Ziemele, others included Maggie Stick, Dom Searby for the audio, Megan Brierley foe the moving image, the Frock Goddess for seamtress and textile work. The project was supported by Sunn Inn, Bury Art Museum, Kat Au, Geek Pictures, Masato & Team & others who will be listed. Ref:
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'Homage to 1942: Duchamp's Contribution to The Surrealism Papers...'

Transaction Blend Product Shot 1 & 2

Efficacious Play Therapy (In the Awe, 2022 to 2023)

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