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By  Anna Dumitriu 2018
In “Spindle” three-dimensional solid sculptural appendages, which resemble drop spindles, have been created using the interaction between crocheted linen lace and biofilm producing bacteria from the human gut including spindle shaped Clostridium difficile. These are threaded into an antique linen lace collar. When flax is retted (rotted), bacteria, including bacteria from the genus known as Clostridium swarm over the plant stems and help to separate the fibres often creating bacterial biofilms which help the microbes cling together. In disease-causing Clostridium difficile bacteria these biofilms form in the human gut make the bacteria harder to treat. Clostridia can also form spores that are resistant to antibiotics. Clostridium translates to spindle. Made in collaboration with Dr Jane Freeman and Dr Caroline Chilton, The Healthcare Associated Infection Group at the University of Leeds.

Anna Dumitriu

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