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"Starling Dodd "

By  Tim Pugh 2016
The mixed media artwork is the result of a exploratory field trip to the mountain ,"Starling Dodd" in the Ennerdale district of the Cumbrian Fells.My intention was not only to undertake climbing the mountain but to collect site specific materials en route in order to create a documentary artwork that described the journey in some way.Along the way I found a cattle feed bag and a piece of metal railing as well as taking photographs and rock samples before I ascended the summit.The next day l used acrylic to paint the mountain summit onto the feed get and attached walking bandoliers to connect the artwork to be hung from the metal railing.I drew out the mountain contours with marker pen that illustrated the final summit walk and footpath.I enjoyed creating this "lo-fi"artwork as it seemed relevant to use site specific materials related to the process of combining the physical act of walking,observing and collecting.
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"Frond Clusters"

“Pebble Pigment Box “.

"Extractor Fan"

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