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Studio-Intensive Day 8

By  Chris Wright 2018
Studio-Intensive Day 8 More of a thinking day today but began with trying to play the guitar with a violin bow. It didn’t work particularly well due to the flat neck of the guitar so only top and bottom strings were playable. I was trying to get a very particular sound as a different way of looking at resonant spaces. I achieved the sound but only with two strings. The image is from band tracks, an earlier attempt at string sound. Will need to think again. Had a discussion with Louise Garland about our live art performance for open studios. We only have the broken toilet space to work in but think we have come up with an idea but not ready to reveal it yet. Space is tight as the studios are hosting Honfleur artists which has been organized by Jackie Berridge who is very proactive in these things. This was followed by a meeting about our open studios Meetings by such a lot of people are always difficult with people chatting and same questions being asked. I am not a meeting person! Left early to go to Making it up: this moment in June by Rebecca Lee which took place at Loughborough University. apart from a very unprofessional 15 minute late start so ‘latecomers can get here’, it had good and bad points. Looking back over the week, I can see how intense it is to to think, to read (of which I have done little, just a small amount of philosophy – a general overview, and Albert Camus), to apply for things, to keep networks running, to write blogs, to do admin. – accounts etc., to visit exhibitions and to produce work!
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