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The Resting Room

From July 1st to 6th, I will be the artist in residence at Create@#8 art space, Shepton Mallet. During this period, I will be creating a rest performance titled ‘The Resting Room’ and presenting my Rest Manifesto. The performance illustrates the essential need for rest as an antidote to Capitalism and a society that equates hyper-productivity with self-worth. This project builds on my ‘Rest As Protest’ project, developed during my DYCP Arts Council Funding period in 2022-2023, inspired by my personal experiences with burnout and my diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

From July 1st to 5th, I will observe a vow of silence and spend time resting in the space, either alone or with other invited artists, while enjoying a cup of Somerset Lavender tea. There will also be an opportunity to join my invitation to rest and take part in the performance remotely through Social Media.

 On July 7th, I will host a Public Resting event, inviting members of the community to take time to slow down and rest. 


prettier-ignore-start Self Care Scarf Lavender Dreaming cmaster copy 4 1720117727 prettier-ignore-end Luminara Florescu

Social Gardening (The Mind at Rest)

Self Care Scarf / Lavender Dreaming (2023)

Self Care Scarf / Pink Haze (2023)

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