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Social Gardening (The Mind at Rest)

As part of my Artist in Residence at Somerset Film I spent the summer capturing local natural landscapes, including the enchanting Lavender and Sunflower Fields near Castle Cary. This collection of footage forms the foundation of my work. Comprising of three distinct projections, this open air installation includes specially crafted soundscapes, extending an invitation to the audience to choose from three immersive, restful experiences. ?Influenced by works such as 'Rest Is Resistance' by Tricia Hersey, and the 'Right to Roam' movement, 'Social Gardening (The Mind At Rest)' presents a filmic exploration that delves into the profound act of resting in nature and its transformative impact on our mental well-being. I believe rest offers us the time, space and stillness to re-imagine who we are in relationship to nature, the planet and our community. ?This new work serves as a natural progression of my recent project, supported by Arts Council England, enquiring into the concept of rest through my own perspective as a disabled and neurodiverse artist, adding an alternative dimension to the exploration of restorative resting in nature.
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Self Care Scarf / Pink Haze (2023)

Self Care Scarf / Lavender Dreaming (2023)

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