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This World is Not Conclusion

By  Larain Briggs 2023
June 2023 60cm x 40cm x 4.5cm Acrylic over giclee print canvas, digital media. In the artwork entitled "This World is Not Conclusion," the artist conveys a profound sense of spirituality. The painting process involves layering acrylic paint over preexisting work, thereby imbuing the composition with new strata of meaning demonstrating the cyclicality inherent in the artist's creative process. The foundation of this artwork lies in an eight-year-old giclee print on canvas. This print originated from the artist's digital manipulation of fractals generated using the program Apophysis 7. By combining digital and traditional techniques, the artist transforms abstract elements, enabling them to resonate with the grandeur of traditional and classical styles conveying her ambivalent relationship with the digital realm and duality within the technological sublime. Discernible within the visual language of the artwork are subtle references to the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These allusions hint at a figurative style within the abstract composition, merging artistic traditions. Through this fusion, the artist invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between representation and abstraction. The title of the artwork, borrowed from Emily Dickinson's poetic opus, enriches its thematic depth. Dickinson's poem delves into profound existential themes such as the afterlife, immortality, and the human longing for transcendence. By appropriating the poem's title, the artist implies that existence extends beyond the boundaries of our immediate perception, infusing the artwork with a sense of transcendental yearning. Through the adoption of Dickinson's evocative title, the artist invites viewers to contemplate these existential questions and the nature of human existence.

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