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Touching the abyss

By  Martin Harman 2019
One-off, stoneware, stand-alone sculpture Date created: 3/4/19 H18 x L32 x W23cm The making of this piece consists of singular cones that were thrown on the potters wheel then cut up and joined together to create a whole form. Made from stoneware, coloured slips, clear glaze on the outside, inside un-glazed, multiple fired to a final temperature of 1220c. This is an original handmade one-off sculpture. Open sculptures investigates ways of seeing inside and out space using colour and line. The intention is to draw and scatter the eye to investigate different parts of the form simultaneously. The inspiration behind this work stems from my fascination with stone circles in the UK such as Stonehenge. They are places full of mystery, it invites me to ask questions and imagine. The sculpture suggests an architectural presence and can also relate to clouds.
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