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'TRANSPOSITION, (I Love Dresden, Dresden Love Me!)'

Mike Chavez-Dawson

'TRANSPOSITION, (I Love Dresden, Dresden Love Me!)' was collaborative project/video work with Dresden based artists Theo Huber & Maria Schwedtner, a local Medium who will be known as Madame Pamduch and the spirit of Otto Dix. The piece was created within four days whilst setting up a group show at the Kunst Academy in Dresden, and this video ended up as part of multi-part installation entitled 'Transpositions, I Love Dresden, Dresden Love Me!' which concluded with a live unique performance of the two co-written songs (‘I Just Want to Be!’ & ‘If You Like!’) inter-spliced within the conversation with Otto Dix, these were performed live by Theo & Maria at the preview of the show (21st March, 2013 at 21.00hrs).

Mike Chavez-Dawson & Theo Huber

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