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Turntable Gallery

By  Darren Neave 2020
The gallery is part of a research project looking into online representations of artworks, design objects and small collections. Whilst many museums have been closed to public interaction, art never sleeps. The lights do not have to be switched off here. The gallery aims to provide a slightly different ‘viewing’ experience, this also may be enabled with the choice of artworks, how they are positioned and curated, what other ‘interactive’ elements can be brought into play as well. My own work ‘considers’ display and possibilities of providing other ways of looking and engaging. I want to provoke you into a second or third glance.  I was recently awarded an Artist Development Bursary from the Usher Art Gallery in Lincoln, this has allowed me to invest in some technology and some online assistance to bring these ideas together - animating some of the pieces I have made and allowing the online audience to ‘bring them to life’ - I have also been developing work with these ideas in mind - work which needs ‘cajoling’ or has elements that ‘reveal’ themselves with a nudge, lens or ‘key’. In online gaming terms - this may be an ‘Easter egg’ how this translates into art terms can be interpretable. The gallery can be viewed at certain times - "out of hours' via my website

Gallery show set up and trial

Darren Neave Lion Slayer 2020

Darren Neave Wedgwoodfeeders 2020

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Lion slayer


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