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Untitled (weaving)

By  Kirstin Leigh 2017
During my time in North Norfolk, 2017 - I found myself frustrated at my inability to 'get started'. I began to unpick a large sheet of hessian, looking for answers in the weave of the fabric. The robust thread, now loose had lost all purpose once removed from it's partners, and when forced back into a new shape it began to lose it's structural integrity. With every new loop the threads would rub against each other, slowly malting and becoming finer. There is little associated context to the thread and it's narrative once (re)appropriated, but there can be context found in the narrative of the action. Each inconsistency, loose knot, or bulge reflects a moment in time - a thought, a moment frustration or reflection. This is my tapestry that combines an intricate or complex series of events.
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