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By  Helen Acklam 2023

videographer: Emma Holbrook

Vein:    5’ 28” 

A site-specific collaborative venture between multidisciplinary artist Helen Acklam and filmmaker Jameson White.

I returned to my family home in the Garw Valley, an ex-mining valley in Sth Wales, in 2021 to dig into the earth and explore long-buried childhood experiences. This resulted in a body of work and new ways of collaborating with artists and practices. 

 Over the course of 2023, Jameson and I walked and talked in the valley, navigating our personal experiences of grief, absorbing the landscape and history, and discovering ways to bring our practices together. 

Through a blend of visual and auditory elements, “Vein” captures the essence of our individual narratives, different generational lenses (Boomers II and Gen Z) and the enduring presence of time and place. With a soundtrack engineered by Jameson and Courtney Beckford, the film weaves together intimate reflections, AI-generated imagery, and archival footage to evoke an exploration of intergenerational encounters with death and mourning.

Credits:  Courtney Beckford (sound) and Emma Holbrook (videographer)


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