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By  Magda Holden 2023

Canvas on Wood Panel (Lightweight Birchwood 2cm deep ready to hang no frame needed), Clear Gesso with Soil and Grass, Ink, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Threads

This other-worldly landscape gradually emerged from my curious and explorative use of my materials and my imagination. Experimentation and discovery are integral to my process and action of making, so my paintings combine various materials and techniques. By working in layers to imbue a sense of depth and form my paintings crossover from physicality and materiality to an otherworldly and spiritual reality. Through physicality of earth, I want to reach what is spiritual and transcendent—truly vital to life. Thus, for this painting I mixed soil, raw earthly pigments, and cut grass with clear gesso to expose the roughness of my hand-stretched canvas; and I symbolically juxtaposed it with celestial blues and purples, shimmering glitter as glimmer of hope, seeds and blossom like shapes as harbinger of life, and threads to link and reconnect.

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Threads of Life


Honesty Plant in Summer

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