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Bending Hectic, 2024 by Claire Cansick

Weekly Highlights: 26 February-3 March, 2024


New Art Highlights of the week includes: Fliss Quick, Liz Clifford, SALT AND SHAW and Claire Cansick


Dried Up, 2024

Fliss Quick

Dried Up, 2024 by Fliss Quick


Ongoing daily protest.

Beyond the obvious pun, I am struck by the relationship that exists between domestic action and, ultimately, the doer of said actions. Dried Up relates so perfectly. Maybe it's age, maybe it's circumstantial, but I'm certainly feeling it.


Emergeconverge, 2024

Liz Clifford

Emergeconverge, 2024 by Liz Clifford


The detritus of the roadside collides with discarded domestic bedding, agricultural plastic and fencing wire to present a tableau of animated forms emerging into new life on the verge.


SALT+SHAW: Taking A Journey Exhibition, Bristol, 1st March to 16th April, 2024


SALT+SHAW: Taking A Journey Exhibition, Bristol, 1st March to 16th April, 2024 by SALT AND SHAW


SALT+SHAW have been producing artists’ books in collaboration since 2002. ‘Taking A Journey’ celebrates twenty-one years of making, with objects and supporting items also on display, to reflect influences, ideas and the process of making.

“Each book work acts as a point of discovery, giving signals or clues to the content’s original source or function. The industry of the city’s river in Sheffield, the uses of domestic space, or a found piece of whalebone are all equally investigated and formed into poetic, visual narratives,” Sarah Bodman.

Following on from Winchester School of Art Library, the exhibition is showing at:

Bower Ashton Library, The School of Arts, UWE Bristol, Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol, BS3 2JT from 1st March to 16th April, 2024


Bending Hectic, 2024

Claire Cansick

Bending Hectic, 2024 by Claire Cansick


Sea hag defying the waves.


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Highlights: 20 - 26 May, 2024

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