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Alistair Hudson

What is Art For? A film with Alistair Hudson

In July 2015, Mark and Julian met up with Alistair Hudson (at the time Director of mima and Tuner Prize Judge).

We filmed a series of interviews exploring What is Art?

What is Art for? Part one, Alistair Hudson talks about the use value of art and poses the questions: What is the function of art in the 21st century and what role should it play in people's lives?

What is Art for? Part two, Alistair Hudson talks about the concept of Museum 3.0: the idea of the museum built on a model of usership, a place created and given meaning by the sum actions of all its users.

What is Art for? Part three, Alistair Hudson expands on the idea of the Museum 3.0 and asks whether you can apply artistic thinking and creativity in a wider context to improve society.

What is Art for? Part four, Alistair Hudson talks abut the the idea of a 'sovereign genius' commenting on problems in the world, how could this change so the artist plays a more active role in society?

What is Art for? Part five, Alistair Hudson questions if validation of an artist's practice come from the art world or, in the proposed model of the museum 3.0, a broader usership?

What is Art for? Part six, Alistair Hudson talks about the production of art being redirected to other areas such as gaming, augmented reality and user-driven content on platforms such as YouTube.

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