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Chris Alton, Still from Ways to Speak Absence, HD video with sound, 5 minutes 37 seconds, 2023

Mental Health for Artists

What is Mental Health for Artists?

Mental Health for Artists is an annual season focusing on wellbeing and self-care for artists and creative people. Each year, we bring together artists, writers and therapists to share new perspectives on mental health, through a curated series of events and resources, which offer information, support, and a platform for meaningful dialogue.  

Why Mental Health for Artists?

Understanding the unique pressures faced by artists, our goals are:

  • To Challenge Stereotypes: We strive to break down the unhealthy stereotypes surrounding mental health to cultivate a more supportive and understanding environment for artists.
  • To Support Artistic Practices: Recognising the deep connection between mental wellbeing and creativity, we offer insights and strategies to empower artists to flourish amidst challenges.
  • To Foster Openness and Care: Encouraging inclusive discussions around mental health, we aim to create a culture of care where individuals feel comfortable seeking support and sharing their experiences.

How Does the Initiative Work?

Mental Health for Artists comprises:

  • Curated Events: Workshops, talks, and panel discussions tackle mental health and wellbeing topics, impacting artists, fostering awareness and learning.
  • Sharing Knowledge: Beyond the events, we create resources - articles, guides, and toolkits - accessible to support artists' mental health and wellbeing journeys.
  • Community and Support Network: Spaces for dialogue and peer support emerge, strengthening our artistic community with shared understanding and mutual growth.

Who Benefits?

  • Artists and Creatives: Individuals directly benefit from gaining valuable insights and tools to manage their wellbeing, positively impacting their personal and professional lives.
  • Arts Workers: Those supporting artists deepen their comprehension of mental health challenges, better equipping them to provide meaningful assistance.
  • The Wider Community: An enlightened, empathetic, and resilient arts community benefits from openly addressing and valuing mental health, fostering a supportive environment for all.

The Impact of Mental Health for Artists

Our initiative influences the arts community by:

  • Boosting mental health awareness and understanding, particularly among artists and creatives.
  • Providing resources that foster healthier, more sustainable art practices.
  • Building a network that cares about mental wellbeing, thus reducing stigma and promoting inclusivity.

Engage with Our Annual Commitment to Mental Wellbeing

As Mental Health for Artists develops each year, it reinforces Axis’s dedication to enriching mental health awareness and support within the arts community. Each season contributes to a growing legacy of knowledge and care, shaping a healthier, more vibrant creative community.

We hope you'll follow the journey and discoveries of Mental Health for Artists, recognising its vital role in fostering a supportive and more caring arts sector.

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