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Announcing "Mental Health for Artists" 2024 Season

We are thrilled to announce our annual "Mental Health for Artists" season, a series dedicated to fostering wellbeing and self-care within the artistic community. 

For 2024 we bring together an impressive lineup of artists, writers, and therapists to share insights and strategies that support mental health, offering a unique blend of workshops, discussions, and resources tailored to the needs of creative individuals.

Our 2024 season features:

Art + Grief: Burning Out and Figuring Out What Matters - Chris Alton 

Chris will share his personal journey through burnout and the resulting shift in his creative focus towards more personal projects. The event will include a screening of his poetry film, "Ways to Speak Absence."

Tackling Burnout - Self-Compassion for 'Rebel Creatives' 

Jane Claire Bradley (also known as the Rebel Therapist) will discuss strategies for managing burnout and the importance of setting boundaries to prevent it.

The Art of Pleasure: In Conversation with Sarah-Joy Ford

A discussion on the emotional politics of textiles, queerness, and childhood in relation to Sarah-Joy Ford's upcoming project "RABBIT" at the Bury Art Museum.

Listening Better - With Amelia Hawk - Amelia Hawk 

Amelia will introduce "The Listening Line," a telephone artwork offering a space for voices to be heard, alongside an interactive listening and response activity.

Old in Art School: In Conversation with Nell Painter

Nell will share insights from her memoir about returning to art school in her sixties, exploring themes of age, beauty, and identity in the art world.

Our aim is to break down stereotypes surrounding mental health, provide supportive resources, and encourage open dialogues that enrich the artistic practice and personal growth of participants.


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Mental Health for Artists, Talk Recording: Old in Art School, In Conversation with Nell Painter

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Mental Health for Artists, Talk Recording: Listening better - with Amelia Hawk

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