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As your art practice expands, so does your risk exposure.

Five Reasons Why You Might Need to Review Your Public Liability Insurance

As your art practice expands, so does your risk exposure. The saying, "Where there’s blame, there’s a claim," highlights the thriving compensation culture in the UK. 

Your art activities may put you in situations where public interaction—whether in your studio, a public space, or at third-party premises—could lead to someone being injured or their property being damaged because of your actions. This could result in substantial legal and compensation costs.

Public liability insurance isn't legally required but is crucial for protecting yourself in these scenarios. It's essential to regularly review your coverage to ensure you're adequately protected as circumstances change.

Here are five key reasons to check your public liability insurance:

1 Taking Your Art on the Road

Whether you're holding exhibitions, running events, or delivering workshops, there's a risk someone could get hurt because of your activities. Ensure your insurance covers these situations.

2 Moving to New Premises

If you've shifted from working at home to a new space where you'll have visitors, the likelihood of accidents increases. Adequate coverage is necessary to protect against potential liabilities.

3 Client Requirements

Some organisations require you to have public liability insurance to work with them, especially if there's a risk of damaging their property during your visit.

4 Suitability of Coverage

As an artist or art professional, your activities and associated risks change over time. It's vital to ensure your insurance matches your current practice. Axisweb Membership offers free public liability insurance tailored for artists and art professionals.

5 Value for Money

Through collective negotiation, Axis, as a charity with a professional membership, provides free public liability and professional indemnity insurance, offering significant savings compared to individual policies.

Why choose Axis

Choosing Axis means partnering with "the caring art organisation," where your growth and success are our top priorities. Here's why Axis stands out:

  • Supportive Community: You will be part of a network of artists, makers, and art workers dedicated to mutual support and collaboration.
  • Independent and Caring: Our independence from public funding allows us to focus solely on what's best for our members. We're here to support, not profit from, artists.
  • Diverse and Inclusive: Axis champions diversity and inclusivity within the arts, offering a welcoming space for all creative voices.

Start your Axis membership today and be part of a community that values and supports the transformative power of contemporary visual arts.


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