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Jane Claire Barclay

Mental Health for Artists, Talk Recording: Tackling Burnout - self-compassion for 'rebel creatives'

This talk was led by Jane Claire Bradley, also known as the Rebel Therapist, and looks at 'burnout' and how to deal with it, as well as creating boundaries to avoid it happening in the first place. 

With a special focus on artists and creative people. Jane says, 

'self-compassion and self-acceptance are foundational to my therapeutic practice...I love talking about and exploring it!'

This talk was part of the 2024 'Mental Health for Artists' event programme. 

About Jane

Jane Claire Bradley ( is a writer, educator and therapist based in Manchester. Jane is the creator of Rebel Therapy ( a therapy practice dedicated to supporting and empowering creatives and those with non-conforming careers, lifestyles and identities towards more self-compassion, self-acceptance and better mental health. She's a prize-winning author and performer, and the founder and former director of a non-profit championing marginalised writers.


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