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Andrew Revell

Professional artist based in UK, sculptor, maker of bespoke constructions.

About The Artwork:

1 Grok series explores the possibilities of improvised construction, without prior drawing or maquette, utilising both new stock, found objects and discarded materials.

When you claim to “grok” some practice, you are asserting that you have not merely acquired it in a theoretical detached manner but that it has become embodied, part of your identity. To “grok” is to dwell in the ‘zone’, in the moment, engaged therein without division between thought and action – mind and body.

2 Tekton series explores the compositional possibilities available from a single plane of rigid material.

I draw with the sheet and a knife; rapidly, intuitively, precisely, constructing dynamically in three dimensions.
The first cut determines the next and so on – form follows counter form – until all the pieces of a rectangular plane are used up – no waste or additional material. If I don’t have enough, then I have to rework what I have – I stop when I am convinced of the object.

About The Artist
Andrew is a professional artist with successful public, private and commercial experience in museum commissions, residencies and a commitment to advancing the practice of sculpture as an artist and an educator.

Sculpture is a practical, timeless activity and making art a fundamental human impulse; ultimately – ‘it’s all in the doing’ – the rest a parlour game.


Artwork enquiries via Noon-Powell Fine Art

Design and workshop activities via Axisweb



Objekt 17

Little Golgotha

Space Field



Petrified Forest

Law of Diminished Returns

#5 Terex

Grok No: 816 'Disinto"

GROK no:116

Fire Fender

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