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Angela Eames

Artist / Drawer, whose practice has continuously involved the exploration of drawing in relation to technology.

I am an artist/drawer who makes drawings in graphite on paper, large format digital images and/or video works. My work is about line and the accumulation of hand-drawn or computer-generated line. Line is forged through pencil, pixel, polygon, vertex and spline in a process of simultaneous observation, fabrication and manipulation in both physical and virtual space. Line evolves into polygonal form in the 3-dimensional computing world and then emerges as a form of skin/membrane/field or scape in the 2-dimensional world. Line, as singular or composited, evolves into 3-dimensional object/place and ultimately emerges as 2-dimensional substance. The initial impact on both maker and viewer is one of surprise that such objects and/or places are possible.

Experience and knowledge derived from previous drawing practice in the material world informs my thinking and working procedures. Decisions regarding what to do and what to do next are governed by my experience as a drawer. My projections or conjectures with regard to the intangible stem from an awareness of the tangible and those of the invisible from an awareness of the visible and vice versa. I visually think through drawing. Drawing accommodates the coupling of the intuitive and the accidental with my rational and strategic behaviours. Drawing for me, might be summed up as what if? I am rethinking the position of the viewer and the viewed. Can I see differently? I am outside looking in - I can imagine the unseen but within the virtual environment I can see from the inside - out. I can move around, by means of a virtual camera, within virtual space. The virtual camera becomes my eye. I can use the computer to do something, which it can do and I cannot, which I can propose and it can provide, which I cannot see - until I can.


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