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Dave Lunt

Holmes Chapel
Artist based in Cheshire,working with painting,drawing and digital media.

I am a Cheshire based artist. My work is multi disciplinary, encompassing painting, drawing, digital sculpture and animation and is based upon my interest in the often grey area that separates science fact from science fiction.

I am fascinated by a number of subjects (including geology, exploration, cartography, astronomy and cosmology)and these form the backbone of an ongoing project (working title ‘Existence is Doubted’) which hovers in between science fact and science fiction. Influenced by writers and theologians such as Baudrillard, Ballard, Eco and Borges (amongst others) I attempt to reflect these interests and ideologies through paintings, drawings, photographs, digital sculptures and animation. Images and structures which resemble utopian/dystopian landscapes and environments, evolve through constant cycles of manipulation and repetition, with the outcome being an ongoing narrative that is subject to its own mythology and attempts to question the idea of what is real and what is not. Recent work has focused primarily on space exploration and in particular the search for exo-planets and moons in other star systems and the wonder and infinite possibilities they bring.

“..The truth is we want to have a world that is not totally known and that has the capacity to surprise us. As our information sources improve and become ever more complete, the need to create and conjure new places that are definitely off the map also grows.” ‘Off the Map- Lost spaces, invisible cities, forgotten islands, feral places and what they tell us about the world’. By Alastair Bonnett. Aurum Press ltd 2014


"...all I saw was Death

Cosmic Soup

The Great Vortex

Four Seasons

Quadrillion-Interstellar Terraforming Solutions

Four Seasons - Heatmap

Frozen Shore part2

Thousand Year Storm Part 9

Exoplanet Geology part 2

Deep Space Object 3


Thousand Year Storm Part 1

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