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David Sherry

My work includes performance, drawing, video, and sculpture. I am interested in making artworks that relate strongly to everyday life.

I work with performance, photography, drawing and video, making artworks that relate strongly to everyday life, influenced by my experiences and social surroundings. 

Central to my approach is an understanding of what influences human behavior. 

My work questions cultural standards, using humour to connect with an audience. 

I am interested in how art can impose itself into the reality of everyday, giving new perspectives. Gaining hints and queues from ordinary behaviours. I have become interested in the potential meanings of abstract performance art.


Performance of margarine sculpture on my Knee.

I’ve got to get to the studio.

Multiple identities, volcanic personalities within.

Painting a curbstone the same colour as a curbstone.

Performance Home Works

Hands On Cove Park, short film.

Playing the Map of Europe.

Performance set at Das Dritte Land.

Equals Everything. Print work 2018.

The Spoon Routine.

Red Sauce Brown Sauce Mania. 2018.

Celebration of Failure (Delivery Man). 2018.

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