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Doris Rohr

Doris Rohr’s research is practice-based using drawing and writing to explore continuous narratives on paper. Pedagogy forms an integral part of her practice.

Currently I am developing notebooks building on my practice-based PHD research  "Drawing on nature- the legacy of John Ruskin's moral cosmos" (October 2016 with Lancaster University LICA). I am also developing observational drawing skills from objects displayed in museums, with a particular interest in natural history. This connects with previous explorations in representation of nature, and the loss of species and biological diversity.

Following John Ruskin’s proposed method of closely observing detail from nature, my working practice aims to develop critical drawing as eco-aesthetic category, drawing that may contribute to raising awareness of ecological responsibility.  I am also motivated by Joseph Beuys' drawings, his 'imprints' which evolved into social sculpture, environmental activism and performances. I am seeking for further continuities and possibilities to make drawing embody environmental awareness, relying on the wider definition of drawing as gesture, action and  aesthetic category. Within this observational and multi-sensory formats of drawing provide a firm anchor, connecting past  with present, perception with imagination.

Another interest of mine is the poetic integration of writing with drawing in the form of journals and notebooks, and through writing creative and academic texts. I am currently engaged in a research project with Niamh Clarke where we set drawings and creative writing texts to each other's works in response to word and image.


Homage to Rachel Carson

Notebook Clouds

PHD Show Jetsam


Notebook Galloway

Notebook creatures 2017

Notebook Environs 2017


Coelacanth (continuous)

Coelacanth (fragment)

Melencolia (composite)

Entropic Cycle

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