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James Eddy

Sculptor and site-specific artist.

   Currently I am studying at Arts University Plymouth on the MA Fine Art program. 

  The main influence in my life has always been a love of nature and a concern for environmental issues. My experiences, as a countryside ranger and as an artist working in education, have greatly informed my art practice with an understanding of nature and human nature.

     I am also intrigued by the Japanese aesthetic theory of wabi-sabi, especially concerning the concepts of impermanence and change in nature and therefore in everyday human life. 

      One artist who I have always admired, is Costantin Brancusi. I try to create the same natural simplicity in my sculpture, capturing the essence of things in a form of visual poetry. A Japanese concept that conveys this for me is, ‘Mono-no-aware’, which in one way can be defined as a sense of ‘Ah-ness...’.


New Growth Project

Copper Bait Ball commission

La Lune et terre sauvage

The Lightening Dancer



'Hayle estuary, marram'

St. Ives from Hayle Towans

'Godrevy, marram'

Spiral shoal

Curved disc

Cylinder shoal

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