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Jason Rouse

Irish artist living in Cardiff. Lumen Prize 2018 finalist, New Contemporaries 2019, Jackson's Open Painting Prize 2019.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist creating work exploring conflict, community, immigration and simulation through the skewed view of contemporary internet culture. My work can take the form of computer games, sound, video, paintings and digital objects and is often immediate and reactive.

My interest lies in the unexplored middle ground between digital and traditional arts, using historical artistic and pop culture references simultaneously. Outcomes often arrive via re-appropriation and re-imagining of found source materials such as real-life topographies and situations via various digital tools. A narrative element can be incorporated into the work, typically alluding to political and social issues in an attempt to challenge the broader society. There is often an element of humour in the work which can be used as something of a coping mechanism or suggesting a possible alternative reality.


Kossoff Flees Ukraine

Digital Border

Willie Doherty Snapchats

Postcards from Ankara

Half-Life: Crate Edition

Webcam en plein air

DayZ en plein air



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