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Jay Rechsteiner

My work is very versatile, in general process-based & sits at the intersection of different practices.

I was born in 1971 in Basel, Switzerland, and educated in Switzerland, Japan, and the UK. Now living and working in Margate, UK, my work spans various media, including painting, drawing, film, sound, and performance. My focus is on two series: Bad Painting and All About You.

Bad Painting features faux-naïf style artworks addressing real human atrocities, with text sourced from various headlines. Each piece combines bold brushstrokes with descriptive text to capture contemporary societal shifts.

All About You examines the complexities of the modern mind in the age of social media, touching on themes like spiritual healing and affirmations. Using materials like printing paper and masking tape, it highlights the temporary nature of material things versus the enduring power of ideas. Including self-portraits adds a personal layer, showing the human connection between the art and the artist.

My goal is to create thought-provoking works that resonate on both intellectual and emotional levels.


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