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Jay Rechsteiner

My work is very versatile, in general process-based & sits at the intersection of different practices.

My artistic practice is a deliberate interplay of diverse mediums—acrylic, paper, and traditional oil—each chosen for its distinct qualities. "Bad Paintings" with acrylic on canvas delve into political narratives, while paper becomes a canvas for immediate text-based work. Traditional oil gives life to metaphysical surreal paintings.

Sound, film, and photography stand alongside painting as independent expressions, capturing ephemeral moments and crafting narratives of their own. This intentional integration shapes both my creative process and the viewer's experience.

Looking ahead, my focus is on painting, yet I contemplate the evolving role of sound, film, and photography in future explorations, exploring how these mediums may intersect and enrich my practice.

Born 1971 in Basel, Switzerland
based in Margate, UK


The Birthplace of All Art / Gagosian Gallery Affirmation/Meditation

The Birthplace of All Art - General affirmation/manifestation

Plant 07

Plant no plant

Plant 02

Plant 01

Take back control

Exchange painting for likes

Artists = Bananas, Bananas = Artists

Status Quo

There is so much more

Let's be famous

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