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Kazz Hollick

Stroud, Glos
Visual artist and creative producer, with a focus on sculpture and community installations.

Preferring to work with experimental materials, I tend to play chaotically with sculpture. My practice is contrasting; mostly spontaneous, loud, sweary and unexpected, but sometimes quiet, methodical and muted.

Through playful and kitsch forms in concrete, foam, jesmonite and rubbish I’m mostly exploring domestic abuse, neurodiversity and activism. I enjoy sarcasm, unexpectedness and dark humour contrasted against bright colours, squishy shapes and tactile surfaces.

Land art is the quiet and methodical part of my practice that helps me find clarity, stillness and perspective. Swearing at trees, stacking clumps of moss, creating a story or world with twigs, making mudcastles for imps.. Anything in order to play, feel sad with, explore sensations and make connections.

Key words in my practice : play, permission, release and resolution. It's all freedom.

I rarely stick with the same materials or mediums, and tend to have a mixture of projects on the go.

In 2023 it has varied from: 

  • Installing a life sized disco-tiled unicorn at Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol
  • Exhibiting expanding foam and concrete sculptures in a greenhouse on a Cotswold estate
  • Knitting a jumper for an illustrator to match one of her characters
  • Supporting other artists in my creative producer/admin work, and making websites
  • Creating a gigantic wreath for One World Creative
  • Revamping our 2020 project - The Magical Wonderland Bowbridge Bus Depot Perikaleidoscope Bus Stop, with Isa Clee

Creative Experience

Please visit for more.

Summer 2023 : GAS Projects - Admin, communication support and artist support for GAWP Art Weekender

August 2023 : Website for Natalie Sloan -

Cotswold Sculpture Association 2023 Bursary and exhibited at ‘Creating Spaces’ in Miserden - intended to support sculptors who are wishing to engage in a period of self-determined professional development.

Summer 2023 : Neuro-Disco-Corn produced and installed for the Unicorn Fest at Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

July 2023 : My Body in My Hands - exhibition in Stroud with Sam Lucas and Nick Grellier 

June 2022 : Audiobook production for “Trigger Warning” with blood moon poetry press

September 2021 : Open Up Your Eyes : Collaboration, exhibition and poetry event at Studio 18 and Site Festival : In 2020 Stroud Against Racism commissioned Gloucestershire based artists to produce artwork based on their life experiences with injustice. We showcased these works at Studio 18 in Brimscombe as part of Site Festival 2021, as both prints in an exhibition and as banners along the canal path to showcase the poetry that was submitted. Plus one of the original paintings, “I Rise”,  now resides at the Prince Albert in Stroud. Find out more at

July 2021 : Exhibition at Studio 18 : "Breathing in the moon is necessary sometimes" : a mixed media piece made with yearning for air and space. 

May 2021 : Artist retreat at The Hide with Alice Shepperd Fidler where I explored a variety of mediums with input from Alice.

August 2020 - Installation Commission : The Magical Wonderland Bowbridge Bus Depot Perikaleidoscope Bus Stop : “It's all the fun of the fair as you step into a world of blue skies, fluffy clouds, rainbows and magical mirrors. See the world from a different perspective while you wait.” Designed and produced collaboratively with Isa Clee, who made the incredible Perikaleidoscope with Gavin McClafferty.

September 2020 - Exhibition at Studio 18 : exhibited “Constantand a series of darkroom pieces. Mixed media series originally for a 2017 exhibition based on the "Metamorphosis of Motherhood", and re-curated in 2020. You can see images at

July 2019 - Exhibition at Studio 18 : exhibited “Coming and going and moving on” - a mixed media piece about having no voice, and moving on. You can see images at

August 2019 - Stroud Summer Show : exhibited “Let Me Tell You a Little Story” : a mixed media piece exploring fragility, growth and moving on from abuse. You can see images at and a video on Instagram.

December 2019 - DIY Christmas Art Shop at SVA : exhibited darkroom pieces 

November 2017 - Metamorphosis and Motherhood : exhibited “Constant” : Mixed media series expressing the impact and subtlety of gaslighting and the other variety of ways that some have power over others. You can see images at


Recent Employment/Freelance History 

Arts Administration and Coordination Support - GAS Projects - Summer 2023

Site Festival coordinator - Stroud Valleys Artspace - 2018 to present 

Office, Studio and Events Administrator - Stroud Valleys Artspace - 2018 to 2023

Creative Communicator, network steward and marketing support - Create Gloucestershire - 2018-2022

Freelance Marketing support - Jay Haigh and Can’t Sit Still theatre - 2018-2019

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