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Kazz Hollick

Stroud, Glos
Visual artist and creative producer, with a focus on sculpture and community installations.

Preferring to work with experimental materials, I tend to play chaotically with sculpture. My practice is contrasting; mostly spontaneous, loud, sweary and unexpected, but sometimes quiet, methodical and muted.

Through playful and kitsch forms in concrete, foam, jesmonite and rubbish I’m mostly exploring domestic abuse, neurodiversity and activism. I enjoy sarcasm, unexpectedness and dark humour contrasted against bright colours, squishy shapes and tactile surfaces.

Land art is the quiet and methodical part of my practice that helps me find clarity, stillness and perspective. Swearing at trees, stacking clumps of moss, creating a story or world with twigs, making mudcastles for imps.. Anything in order to play, feel sad with, explore sensations and make connections.

Key words in my practice : play, permission, release and resolution. It's all freedom.

I rarely stick with the same materials or mediums, and tend to have a mixture of projects on the go.

In 2023 it has varied from: 

  • Installing a life sized disco-tiled unicorn at Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol
  • Exhibiting expanding foam and concrete sculptures in a greenhouse on a Cotswold estate
  • Knitting a jumper for an illustrator to match one of her characters
  • Supporting other artists in my creative producer/admin work, and making websites
  • Creating a gigantic wreath for One World Creative
  • Revamping our 2020 project - The Magical Wonderland Bowbridge Bus Depot Perikaleidoscope Bus Stop, with Isa Clee

Neuro-Disco-Corn at Unicorn Fest

In Your Face : sculpture

Molehills : sculpture series

Because I can : sculpture series

WTFIT : sculpture series

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