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Meera Chauda


I am a visual artist based in London.I find, make, and manipulate images in order to construct playful yet complex narratives.

I re-create fictional female protagonists that belong to the childhood stories I have grown up with. These composite characters belong to many different stories and histories. Part Kali, part Alice in Wonderland, part me.I use collage sometimes combined with drawing, photography, text and stitch. My process involves cutting, dissecting and reassembling. I play with images, organising them in a variety of ways, making combinations, trying things out, asking questions and then photographing the arrangements. Each piece is normally created from a sequence of photographed images.

The characters explore and inhabit spaces sometimes with heavily coloured/patterned backgrounds and foregrounds. Recent images disappear, are hidden, silenced and sometimes obscured. My images belong to many different histories. My images map and consider the confusion and complexities of home, heritage, legacy and place

I also work in the learning sector as an artist facilitator, consultant, researcher and mentor.



Cardamom rain

The Emerald city 2

Sewn in 2








The Emerald city 1

The Three Queens

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Artist Spotlight: Meera Chauda

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