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Paul Evans

I am a contemporary artist based at Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield. I utilise a range of personal and collaborative artistic strategies to explore our relationship with science, nature and heritage.

My work varies from detailed, representational drawings to visceral, 'animalistic' paintings, and ranges dramatically in scale from intimate paintings on board to monumental works on paper. My artistic practice encompasses a number of different styles of drawing and painting and a variety of creative strategies including collaboration with poets (including Gregory Award winners Chris Jones and Matthew Clegg), graphic designers (including Humanstudio) and leading academics. I use this complex repertoire of means to explore our physical and emotional relationship with nature - the complexity of this subject matter demands a complex response.

Working in collaboration has enabled me to extend my visual vocabulary and reinforce the conceptual framework for my work. I have also sought to test the relationship between ideas of illustration and text - using poetic imagery in conjunction with abstract paintings - and through references to the graphic language of biological textbooks.

My recent work has included a number of high profile creative public engagement projects for Cardiff University, The University of Manchester and Sheffield University.

Outstanding achievements so far include: winner of the Eyestorm Gallery Award for painting (2007), selection for Leverhulme Trust Residency, Cardiff University (2011), winner of the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement ‘Engage’ Prize (2014). 


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