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Peter Driver

Multi-disciplinary artist and curator, using woodcut, walking, drawing and banner-making,

I make things, or make things happen, using printmaking, painting, walking, birding, collaboration and other procedures.  Through this diverse output I attempt to integrate art and life, creating new knowledge through field and studio research. The work includes presenting my experiences of long-distance walks, exposing the ambiguities of text in a woodcut print, and wrestling many variables into abstract paintings: a variety of responses to the wonder and brokenness of living in the world.

My woodcuts might set a short text within a matrix formed of colour-play, geometric sequence, or the natural patterns found within the grain of the woodblocks.  The texts often present a phrase intended to expose a diversity of interpretations and meanings.

The paintings are always abstract and mostly about painting. Colour-interactions, shape, tone, mark and structure combine in a complex set of relationships, over time. Source material can come from a wide range of stimuli: pop music, memory, the natural world, or field research.  Each painting is a struggle between conflicting forces. Paint gets added, pondered, scrapped-off, covered over… it is an iterative, anxious performance. If there are rules, I break them.

As an organiser and collaborator, I also achieve my objectives by making opportunities for others, particularly for young and emerging artists.


Quarter Two, 2023

Tree Sparrows

Turtle Doves



Wilding the landscape

Untitled study

O let them be left, wildness and wet


Kennet South of Reading


March for Optimism (Winchester)

Featured in


Weekly Highlights: 11-17 March, 2024

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