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Sabine Jeanne Bieli

Sculpture as drawing - Drawing as sculpture

The theme of my work is light - and thus also darkness - or rather, this moment when light meets matter: luminosity. Thread forms the staple of my sculptures and site-specific installations. It is the medium to build surfaces and bodies that capture and redefine space. The work I create is ultimately a reflection of inner landscapes in dialogue with the surrounding. Textile techniques, detached from their traditional context and purpose, form the grammar of my sculptural language; and then, as with texts, the essence lies between the lines.

SJB, January 2018

Born in Basel, Switzerland, I studied textile art and design at the 'Schule für Gestaltung' before working for the costume and stage props workshops of the 'Basler Stadttheater' (Theatre Basel).
The experience I gained from work on building sites, in a fine mechanics workshop, and as a nurse aid in hospital all have influenced my practice as an artist. In 2001 I moved to Hull, England, where I since work and live.


Live Sky



Vacant Space


study in RED

Aire - Wave


Blue Moon


Shoal (overview)

Shoal (details)

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