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Sharon Haward

An interest in our physcial and psychologicicaI relationships to space is at the centre of my practice and I use objects and images to animate a space, arranging them according to site-specific cues.

The objects and images I create are primarily abstract but they suggest encountes with real things in the world, everyday objects, places and spaces. The aim is not to illustrate this experience or encounter but rather to configure fragments and surfaces to imply a physical and psychological relationship with them. Recent works feature arrangements of grids openings, printed and painted surfaces that suggest a combination of hard rational exteriors and softer folded interior spaces, Buildings to get wrapped up in perhaps.

An important part of my process in a thinking through making process which enables my ideas to grow and develop as I respond to the different concepts, materials and spaces in an instinctive way. Recent painted pieces have evolved through a kind of unplanned dances between structures, painted and sewn fragments and the creation of large impromptu fields of painting and collage. I am interested in exploring how these objects interact with the space they are shown in and allowing them to seep into the fabric of the site. They are of the space yet provide the viewer with a moment of doubt.


A Awkward Relationship

Domestic Disturbance

A Story of Sex and Real Estate

Dancing Facade

Falling Backwards

Non Load-Bearing Curtain Wall

Onsite Operating Area

Where Comfort Ends

MIdnight Hour

En Place - Chateau de Sacy


Unauthorised Temporary Structure

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