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Shelagh Atkinson

Edinburgh and South Lanarkshire
My work is primarily concerned with journeying and pathways, creating these travels through the medium of screenprinting and paint and other art platforms.l

‘Life is about learning which are the questions we should ask, not as we are taught, seeking answers.’

She is a multi disciplinary artist interested in the natural environment, politics, the human condition. Her work contains topical themes related to the environment, politics and language, reflections on the human condition, and poignant subjects of grief, memory and transformation. Atkinson also investigates the visual possibilities of language through a range of mediums.Her practice incorporates a range of media including paint, photography, video, print, drawing and sound. Coming from a left leaning political household, could be said to be integral to Atkinson’s artistic practice. She did not take a conventional route into art, her story acts as an inspiration to a younger generations who are likely to feel an affinity with her experience, especially in the current socio-economic climate. 

Career  Leith School of Art Edinburgh Scotland

Communication Studies Napier University Edinburgh Scotland

Community Studies Crewe And Alsager College Chesire England

Work experience:

2024 Additions to this new online publication of mapping printmaking Global ( Nuno Canelas)

2023- continued archiving 

2022 Curatorial conversations with Wendy Law

2019/020/21/23 working with archiving my artworks, my art practice, digitising the works, archiving the papers, cataloguing .

Current: pop up art retail experience Edinburgh

Current: portraiture developments

2008 /2010  Studio practice and research

2006/7 The Drawing Group WASPS Studio Edinburgh

2003/05 Leith School of Art, Drawing and Painting

2000/01 Painting and Life Drawing Courses, Newmilne Studios, Perthshire

1996 Non-toxic Print Workshop, Prof K Howard , Edinburgh Print makers, Edinburgh

1996/97 Community Art Workshops, Edinburgh

Areas of work: printmaking, painting, drawing, project making, photography


  • NBC MeshTech Inc Tokyo Japan
  • Royal Bank of Scotland art collection
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh
  • Newhall Art Collection Cambridge University England.
  • Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh
  • Glasgow Womens Art Library
  • Scottish Poetry Collection Edinburgh
  • The BalticPlus archive Newcastle upon Tyne England
  • Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh
  • Commissions:
  • 2018 Bailey family: Portaiture in paint
  • 2015 A family dog:  Portraiture in print
  • 2011 Reproduction of my screenprint My Ties with Mick Luathe Press Never Mind the Captions Alasdair Findlay
  • 2007 Found Sound CD Reichstag Wrap [self financed]
  • 2004 CD cover image, Scottish Music Industry
  • 1995/96 Circle The City, Mural Project, Edinburgh, Funded by LEEL Edinburgh Council
  • 1995 Book Cover design Heirt’ s Bluid, Chapman Publication 

Author:David Purves

Print Book, English, 1995

Publisher: Chapman, Edinburgh, 1995

  • Prizes and awards:
  • 2023 Creative Scotland open Fund Award
  • 2018 Karen Scopa memorial prize ‘Keep looking babe ‘Paisley Arts Institute Annual Exhibition
  • 2017 Two screenprints portraits of LornaM Fraser And Elspeth Lamb RSA purchased  Scottish National Portrait Gallery permanent collection
  • 2013 ‘In Absentia ‘Flora Wood [best original art piece in show] Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition
  • 2009 Richard Demarco prize ‘Culture Yourself ‘Edinburgh Peoples art Show Edinburgh Festival Edinburgh Scotland
  • 2009 Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh purchase print ( ‘My ties with Mick’) for the Scottish Industries permanent collection
  • 2003/05  Two screenprints purchased ‘My ties with Mick’ and ‘Making Music ‘Scottish National Portrait Gallery permanent collection
  • 1999 Peacock Editioning Prize, Aberdeen Society of Artists exhibition
  • 1998 British Council Award, for Berlin Residency and exhibition (Scottish Society of Artists )
  • 1998 Overseas Exhibition Fund (for Berlin) Edinburgh City Council

a single form

My film

the left holding lithographs


Thanks, giving

The shredding: a word project

Prints [online]

boy child

holding still

four strand square plait

Collaboration: a creative exchange

Archiving with art360foundation

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