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Stephen Livingstone

My work deals principally with landscapes and habitats. I work with institutions and museum collections, developing work in a range of media for exhibitions and installations.

Stephen Livingstone is an artist whose work explores human impact upon landscape and habitat, drawing upon a range of concerns from earth sciences through ecology to archaeology. He is particularly attracted to working directly with sites associated with old industrial activity and to museum collections. His work with the moth and butterfly collection of Oxford University Museum has received international recognition and was exhibited in 2012 at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Livingstone's work is founded upon meticulous research and experimentation and manifests itself in a variety of forms such as the making of objects and books, installation and digital printmaking. Drawing is at the core of his practice, often on a very large scale and commonly made using naturally occurring pigments ground to fine powders and combined with medium and water. He has a keen interest in the history of science and of scientific collections, often referring to the human stories behind the theories and discoveries, unearthing forgotten histories and beliefs along the way. Influences Entomology, ornithology, geology, botany, archaeology, the history of scientific thought and space exploration. Career path Studied Fine Art at Wimbledon and Chelsea Colleges of Art and went on to work in education and as a full-time artist.


Hive Geometrix - Deconstructed Hive

Hive Geometrix Studies

Hive Geometrix

North Atlantic Drift: Migrations

The Lost Tent

Scaling the Heights

Atmospheric Monitoring

Submarine - The Great Leviathan

Hull Template

Boat Curves


French Curves

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