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Archive of a thousand lives

The archive of a thousand lives The archive of a thousand lives is a growing wunderkammer of personal objects owned by my father Franzueli Rechsteiner who passed away in February 2015. The objects are carefully arranged on a structure made of wood, bricks, boxes and the like. The location is Lugnez in Switzerland. Rather than an artist in the traditional sense I act as a curator (from Latin 'curare' which means 'to take care'). On every visit during the course of a yet unknown length of time I re-arrange the structure/display, I add, remove or display objects and I clean them if necessary. It is not only a personal dialogue, an encounter with my father but it also questions the practice of contemporary art making. It is an example for l'art pour l'art.It is work in its purest form, work that has as its essence the work itself. I started the archive on the 29th of April 2015.
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