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Sheila Ravnkilde has developed a new site-specific work for Nottingham Lakeside Arts creating a field of fluctuating colour relationships across the long wall of the Angear Visitor Centre. Each of the 68 boxes has been covered with acrylic paint applied with a roller. Some are also coated with several layers of glaze giving depth and lustre to the colour. Each unit in the grid is unique. The viewer is offered a constantly changing experience of the work and the relationships between the boxes as the eye scans the wall. The connections vary according to the conditions of light, our field of focus and movement through the space. Sheila Ravnkilde’s work is always abstract, always minimal. She has previously installed many site-specific projects working with colour within an architectural context. She says “I see studio work as development of language and processes in preparation for site-sensitive installations. Processes used include: paint applied by roller directly onto the walls; layers of acrylic paint/glazes applied on MDF surfaces; use of industrial materials; use of sign vinyl.” Her interest is in the viewers’ changing perceptions of spaces as they move through them, and how these experiences can be enhanced, altered and highlighted through artistic intervention.
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A Long Engagement

LONG BOXES – 12 colours

RED WEDGE – scaffold

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