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Clytemnestra Six A

By  Susan Banks 2022 - 2024

Engendered by curiosity with ancient Painting, this canvas focuses on the myth of Clytemnestra [revenge and catharsis] while formally concerned with the relationships of figure/ground, texture and colour. The pattern references a fragment of painted wall from Thera – pre 1550 BCE. See Warren [1975].

This is the sixth painting in the Clytemnestra series, featuring the motif of a double headed axe* and the concept of catharsis related to Greek Tragedy**.

The treatment of the double headed axe has undergone several transformations, latest in April 2024, now this is textured “bronze”.

Much of the process is Intentionally rough because it is a painting about painting [mis en abyme]

WARREN, Peter, The Aegean Civilizations. (The Making of the Past.) Oxford: Elsevier-Phaidon. 1975.

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