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Creative Confessional

By  Chris Wright 2018
Garland and Wright continue to present their collaborative performances. This will be their third at Harrington Mill Open Studios. Exploring the creative process and the role of artists of all kinds, their new work creates a space to let go of mistakes and move forward with the Creative Confessional. By unburdening, a textual penance is received to stimulate new thoughts. A confidential act based on the traditional religious confessional, Garland and Wright present readings, live and recorded, in addition to their bespoke service of receiving confession. As a live art experience, Creative Confessional references a hegemonic obsession with religion combined with the continual need for artists to have critical engagement with their work. This interactive performance, where the interaction can be simply a listening act or a full confession with penance given. Readings are taken from a wide range of texts including 100 Artists’ Manifestos to De Certeau’s The Mystic Fable. Psychologically, admitting and coming to terms with the less successful aspect of one’s work may be seen as cathartic. Mental well-being is an important current trend to which this work aligns.

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