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By  Larain Briggs 2024

The video "Emergence" was created as an integral part of the Mirror Labyrinth installation exhibited at the Doctorate in Fine Art Showcase at the UEL in June 2024. The video includes the two paintings, As Above, So Below, and Lines of Flight, which were exhibited at either end of the labyrinth. The video was projected onto the mirror labyrinth. However, due to limitations, two other planned projections could not be carried out, one at the opposite end of the labyrinth and one onto the floor. The light from the projection is reflected onto the painting Lines of Flight.  With correct lighting conditions, the video projects through the two-way mirror film, forming layers that are walked through when traversing the labyrinth. 

Dr Michael Harris is playing the piano with improvisation, Erik Satie, Gnossiennes and Harold Arlen, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The music is edited and mixed by Larain Briggs. 

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